The 27th APWSS with the theme “Weed Science for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment” will focus on developments in the science of weed management and discuss challenges faced by researches, practitioners and consumers on problems related to weed management. The conference will cover the following subjects;

  • Weed biology, physiology and ecology
  • Weed management in cropped areas
  • Weed management in non-cropped areas and aquatic system
  • Herbicide resistant weeds and herbicide tolerant crops
  • Allelopathy and allelochemical in weed management
  • Biological weed control
  • Climate change impact on crop-weed interaction and management
  • Invasive weed management
  • Weed risk assessment, management and quarantine method
  • Herbicide behavior in soil and water
  • Education and extension in weed science
  • Herbicide formulation and application technology
  • Novel herbicides and herbicide mode of action
  • Utilization of weeds for value-added products
  • Precision and advances in weed control technology>