We cordially invite you to submit a scientific abstract for oral and poster presentation in any of the following subjects:

  • Weed biology, physiology and ecology
  • Weed management in cropped areas
  • Weed management in non-cropped areas and aquatic system
  • Herbicide resistant weeds and herbicide tolerant crops
  • Allelopathy and allelochemical in weed management
  • Biological weed control
  • Climate change impact on crop-weed interaction and management
  • Invasive weed management
  • Weed risk assessment, management and quarantine method
  • Herbicide behaviour in soil and water
  • Education and extension in weed science
  • Herbicide formulation and application technology
  • Novel herbicides and herbicide mode of action
  • Utilisation of weeds for value-added products
  • Precision and advances in weed control technology


Abstract must not exceed 250 words. Details guideline, please refer HERE.
Deadline for abstract submission is on 31 st May 2019.